Family law touches a lot of issues that can affect the lives of California residents. For instance, couples in Modesto may get involved in a divorce or other type of separation. In other cases, a couple may have never been in a legal union, but does have a child in common.

Under these circumstances, the couple may need help coming up with ground rules for custody, child support and parenting time. Going through a family law legal proceeding can be quite confusing and even overwhelming, particularly for people who are not often involved in the legal system. The process can be even more nerve-wracking when there is a lot at stake in terms of property or, especially, one’s relationship with his or her child.

On a related point, immigrants who are going through a divorce face special legal issues, which could affect their ability to remain in the United States lawfully. Having the advice and representation of an experienced attorney is particularly important for such individuals.

However, anyone who is facing a family law issue will at some point have important decisions to make that could affect them for years or even decades to come. For instance, someone who winds up making a poor choice when dividing up community property can find himself or herself financially disadvantaged and without a lot of options.

Moreover, while custody and parenting time can be reviewed down the road, a parent can still face an uphill battle trying to straighten out a bad legal result. For this reason, our law office encourages those who are dealing with divorces or other family law issues out the services of an experienced attorney. In this respect, our office prides itself on its careful preparation and advocacy on behalf of our clients.