For those who pay attention to immigration issues, it may be interesting to know from what countries of origin immigrants to the United States are coming.

This demographic has changed considerably over time. For instance, in 1900, the vast majority of immigrants came from somewhere in Europe. While many of these immigrants were Irish, German, and Italian, most were from elsewhere in Europe. During this time, relatively few immigrants came from Asia or from Mexico and other parts of the Americas.

As of 2017, this trend has practically reversed. As of 2017, a little under 14% of the United States population were not born in the United States. Of this 14%, 3.5% come from Mexico and an additional 3.4% come from Central America and South America, meaning that immigrants from Latin America make about half of the population that was not born in this country.

About 4% of the overall population was born in a country in Asia, with most of these people being from China or India.

Overall, the immigrant population is back to about the same levels it was in the early Twentieth Century, around the time in which immigrants made up over 14% of the American population. In the 1950s and 1960s, under 6% of the population was born in a foreign country.

Many of those coming from other countries do so for very serious reasons. For example, the country is seeing an influx of immigrants from Africa who are facing political and other problems in their home countries. Likewise, many immigrants from Central America come to this country seeking asylum from persecution.

Those who immigrate to the United States face a number of issues, including the complicated network of laws and rules that pertain to their ability to stay in this country. Those who settle in the area of Modesto, California, may need the help of an experienced immigration attorney.