Anyone who is trying to enter the United States, whether for a professional opportunity, to join family already here or even just to start a new life, knows how difficult and challenging it can be to navigate through this country’s immigration laws.

The goal of our state-certified immigration attorney, who himself came to the United States from Vietnam in the early 1980s, is to help those wanting to live here in California get through the process of establishing the lawful right to stay in this country with as little stress as possible.

When guiding clients through the immigration system, he also emphasizes a compassionate approach to what is often a very emotionally difficult and stressful issue, particularly when families are involved.

There are many different family-related services that someone who wishes to live in the United States may require at some point in their stay. In some cases, for instance, a person may wish to work to bring his or her family to the United States from another country.

On the other hand, an immigrant may be married to an American citizen who turns out to be abusive, even to the point of committing crimes of domestic violence against the immigrant.

While the immigrant can call the police and use measures allowed for in state law to separate, the person may need legal authority to stay in the country for some additional time once they are no longer married to the abuser. The process for getting this authority is called a U visa, and it is a valuable tool that helps victims feel less dependent on an abuser and thus better able to get out of a bad situation. Among our other services, we can help victims of abuse and other crimes apply for U visas.