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The warning signs that someone is hiding assets

The process of divorce or legal separation is designed to be as fair to both sides as possible. In California, this means that each person should receive one half of their community property, that is, property acquired during the marriage. However, the rules only work so long as both spouses are fair, which means that they are honest and open about what they own and owe.

Sadly, whether out of fear of financial insecurity or because of anger, many people choose instead to try to hide some of their assets that they would otherwise need to share with their spouses. A spouse who is not aware of the family finances or is not familiar with the legal and financial system is particularly prone to falling victim to these tricks. The best thing Modesto residents can do to protect themselves is to familiarize themselves with the family's property, debts and income. Even well before a divorce or separation, they should also be closely involved in all significant financial decisions.

Suing the government requires special legal handling

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, residents of Modesto who suffer an injury because of someone else's negligence have the right to recover compensation. Victims will usually apply compensation from a personal injury lawsuit to their medical bills, lost wages and the like.

Sometimes, however, a Californian is injured on public property or is injured due to the negligence of a public employee. In such cases, residents can still sue for negligence and recover compensation from the government. However, special rules apply.

How will divorce impact your real estate?

Your divorce will change your life in many ways. It's a stressful, emotionally complex process, and the choices you make during this time will impact your life for years to come. It is in your interests to think clearly about things and to keep your focus on what will be best long-term. This will keep you from making emotional or irrational decisions that will not be good for your future. 

One of the most important concerns you may have is what will happen to your family home. You may not want to move, but can you afford to keep the house? Can you maintain the house and pay for upkeep expenses on your income alone? These are important questions that can help you determine the best way forward during your divorce.

Parental relocation and family law

California parents who want to travel out of state or, especially, move to another state or country will need to first look over their child custody and parenting time orders.

A parent contemplating a move or even travel to another jurisdiction, especially a foreign country, should speak to an attorney with experience handling family law matters.

California sees an increase in drunk driving deaths

According to recent statistics, the number of drunk driving accidents in California has increased despite stepped up law enforcement efforts and many public awareness campaigns. The study determined that in 2000, 987 people died at the hands of drunk drivers on California's roads. By 2017, the number had increased to 1,120.

Overall, the fatality rate rose about 13.5% in California, making it the fourth largest increase across the country. Perhaps more disturbingly, California was only one of six states to see an increase in fatality rates over the last two decades. Across the country, the fatality rate, on average, decreased 18%.

Helping accident victims through the legal system

The aftermath of a serious car accident can be devastating for just about anyone. In addition to recovering from significant or even debilitating physical injuries, a victim may also have to try to figure out how to support herself financially, as she may no longer be able to work. Moreover, an accident also takes an emotional toll both on the victim and his family. To add to these issues, California's legal system can be hard to understand, particularly for those who are immigrants to this country and thus may not be as familiar with the way the law works.

Making matters worse, getting compensation after a car accident will likely mean dealing with insurance companies. Doing so can prove to be difficult, especially if the company is unwilling to pay for all of the expenses and losses to which the victim is entitled. It can be easy to get lost in the large bureaucracy of an insurance company that, ultimately, has the one goal of turning a profit.

There are some ways to cut disability wait times

Many residents of the Modesto area have probably heard stories about how long it takes for the Social Security Administration to finally award disability benefits to a Californian who needs them. Many deserving applicants get denied at the first stages of the process, and this means that they will have to wait months or even years for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. In the interim, the person will have to find other means of supporting himself or herself through a debilitating illness or injury, assuming of course that they live long enough to have a hearing.

At least some members of Congress are trying to address the problem. For example, there is a proposal to budget $300 million to the Social Security Administration so that they can reduce the time it takes to have a denial of benefits reviewed.

Expedited approval may get you disability benefits faster

Dealing with a disabling condition may involve a lot of frustrating waiting. You sit in waiting rooms for your medical appointments. You wait in line for prescriptions. You wait for the results of your tests and lab work. If your condition prevents you from working, you can expect a long wait between applying for Social Security Disability and receiving word of your approval for benefits. If the Social Security Administration approves your application, you still must wait five months or longer before your payments begin.

Fortunately, certain medical conditions qualify for rapid approval, which could significantly reduce the time you must wait for benefits. Although you do not have to take any special steps for expedited acceptance, it may help to understand how the program works so you will know when it is appropriate to fight for your rights.

California girl dies in apparent electric shock drowning case

A 10-year-old girl who lived near Sacramento died in what authorities believe was an electric shock drowning.

The girl was swimming in her family's pool when she apparently underwent a low-voltage electric shock. While it was not clear whether the voltage actually killed the girl, it did prevent her from being able to swim, which caused an accidental drowning.

We offer a range of family law services

Family law touches a lot of issues that can affect the lives of California residents. For instance, couples in Modesto may get involved in a divorce or other type of separation. In other cases, a couple may have never been in a legal union, but does have a child in common.

Under these circumstances, the couple may need help coming up with ground rules for custody, child support and parenting time. Going through a family law legal proceeding can be quite confusing and even overwhelming, particularly for people who are not often involved in the legal system. The process can be even more nerve-wracking when there is a lot at stake in terms of property or, especially, one's relationship with his or her child.

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