Modesto Property Division Lawyer

Division of assets and property can be a contentious issue in a divorce. Because California is a community property state, any property you and your spouse acquired together during the marriage is considered shared property. Any property you owned or inherited before the marriage is considered separate property.

Stockton Divorce Asset Division Attorney

At John Nguyen, Attorney at Law, we assist California individuals and families in Modesto, Stockton, San Jose and surrounding areas with all aspects of family law, including property division, divorce, child custody and child support. We also handle legal matters involving immigration, Social Security Disability and bankruptcy. To speak with an attorney, contact us online or call 209-409-3094.

We can help sort out financial issues and assure fair property division while working toward amicable solutions to property division regarding:

  • Retirement plans/IRAs
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Real estate

A California Lawyer Working To Meet Your Goals

At John Nguyen, Attorney at Law, we streamline the process of asset division, making it as quick and easy as possible. Our personalized approach involves meeting with you to learn the specifics of your situation and to better understand your needs and goals and working to that end. Since 2003, we have been assisting California residents with their legal matters.

In addition to English, Mr. Nguyen is fluent in Vietnamese and the staff members at the firm are fluent in Spanish. Meeting your expectations is our focus as we work toward a positive result in your case. To speak with an attorney, contact us online or call 209-409-3094.

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